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Design Guide Bathroom Oasis: Creating a Relaxing Getaway in Your Home


In today’s blog, we are stepping away from talking about our gathering spaces to highlight an opposite, but equally important room: the bathroom. A calming space to prepare for and unwind from a busy schedule is a key factor in a balanced daily life. Though we are social creatures, occasional time alone for self care and self reflection keeps us centered. The layout, materials, lighting, color, shapes, and aromas of your bathroom can be customized to meet your needs.


The bathroom should be kept minimal and predictable. You make so many decisions and solve so many problems throughout the day, and the bathroom can be made into a space where everything is easy to find and put away, no matter how tired you are. The centerpiece of your bathroom should be based on what you use the space for most. If you like to spend time styling your hair or makeup, a nice vanity with easy organization should be the focal point. If you use the tub or shower as a therapeutic experience at the top or bottom of your day, spend your budget on these necessities. If you want to consolidate your bathroom and laundry room into one space to save a trip downstairs, find a way to fit your washer and dryer in a closet or under a countertop.



Practical materials for a bathroom will be able to withstand water and humidity, and be easy to clean. A pristine bathroom is a calming one, and luckily, stone fits these requirements while also being beautiful. Slab stone shower surrounds and countertops are not only striking, but are the easiest to clean with no grout lines and a polished surface. While the grout lines of tile do add a bit more maintenance, the repetitive pattern of tiles can be pleasing to the eye and a lovely decorative option for bathroom surface.


Natural light from windows in a bathroom is not only calming, but can help prevent growth of bacteria and mold. A frosted or textured window will allow soft natural light in while offering some privacy. Dimmable lighting and candles provide a cozy or romantic atmosphere for bathroom care at night. With electric lighting, it is helpful to diffuse light with frosted bulbs or shades, as the naked source will cast harsh shadows that may disrupt the peace of your bathroom oasis.



Cooler colors are calming and healing. Use bright shades leaning towards blues and greens to design your own in-home spa to relax in. Stone with a white base, some green plants, and blue accents here and there make a tranquil setting for your self-care space.


Hard surfaces like stone can have crisp edges, but can be rounded for a more soothing flow. Choose an edge profile such as a full bullnose or quarter round top and bottom to give those durable surfaces a softer look. Curved walls and countertops will also add interesting fluidity to your space.



Oil diffusers, incense, candles, soaps, and plants can scent your bathroom with aromas to calm or invigorate you. Lavender and vanilla to help you sleep, ylang-ylang and rose for romance, peppermint for headaches, and bergamot to wake you up. You can really curate the mood of a space by using your sense of smell.

Life is busy, and it is important to have a space to recenter yourself. The layout, materials, lighting, color, shapes, and aromas of your bathroom can all be chosen specially for your daily practices. Although you may not invite company into your private bathroom, it is worth carefully designing to meet your needs--because YOU are worth it!

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