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Design Guide: Edge Profiles

New Stone Age

An edge profile of a countertop may not seem like a big deal, but the character of a space is very much determined by the details. Sharp, minimalist edges give a clean and modern feel, while curved and ornate edges bring romance and whimsy to a room. A rounded edge offers a level of safety and relaxing energy, while angled edges exude a certain dynamism and excitement. The moulding around a window or door, and around the crown or base of a wall directs the personality of a room, and the edge profile of a countertop should ultimately serve the same function.


Eased Edge

The standard edge we include in your pricing at New Stone Age is the crisp eased edge. Straight forward and striking clean lines through your space, the eased edge can fit in well to any space, though it is very at home in a minimalist and modern design.

Full Bullnose

The full bullnose is a completely rounded edge. Still rather minimalist with its single swoop, the curve of this edge feels more casual, and offers some safety without sharp corners in a busy space.

Half Bullnose

The happy medium between an eased edge and a full bullnose is the half bullnose, which is rounded on the top edge and cuts 90 degrees for a clean bottom edge.


The bevel edge offers a dynamic slope as it comes off the countertop. As it reflects light at a different angle than the top and side of the countertop, the edge is more pronounced and decorative.

Double Bevel

A double bevel edge cuts at an angle on top and bottom, and is reminiscent of shapes found in a prism. As the light hits the edge, there is a very light line across the top, middle tone on the direct side, and a shadow line along the bottom. These differences make the edge interesting with pristine repetition of shape in varying shades.


A wide and shallow angled edge gives the Hollywood edge profile languid movement and dramatic presence. Wide enough to rest your forearms on as you sip on your favorite beverage, this edge profile invites you to stay a while.


Decorative with its curves and rounds, a laminated edge emanates luxurious beauty. This type of edge may match well with the trim around the architectural elements in the room.


The s-shape of the ogee edge has been used in decor for millennia. It gives a sharp first edge, followed by a swoop and a half round, with another crisp edge to finish. This marriage of angular and serpentine in one simple silhouette hits every request--it is clean and romantic, decorative, yet minimal.


Each stone will inherently have color, texture, a level of contrast, which will draw you to it. You have the power to give it the je ne sais quoi you want for your space with the edge profile.

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