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Form and Function: Kitchen Backsplashes
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A backsplash serves as a barrier to protect a portion of a wall from water or heat, and is particularly useful in a kitchen, bathroom, or around a fireplace. A backsplash in a kitchen can be used as an accent or to complement the countertops, cabinets, and flooring. New Stone Age offers a wide range of tile options to protect your kitchen walls and add character to your cooking and entertaining space.

Subway Tile

A versatile and classic choice for a backsplash is the popular subway tile. These tiles can be made from a variety of materials such as marble, travertine, and glass. There are many different sizes of subway tiles, and they may be installed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. While a solid colored subway tile offers a sleek and neutral look, you may also choose a textured or colorful design as an accent in your space.

Stacked Stone

With its rugged edges presenting plenty of texture, stacked stone brings a warm and natural beauty to a kitchen. Certain choices of stacked stone are arranged with irregular, more rustic looking structure, while others are more geometrically chiseled or arranged in three dimensional patterns like a wave. Stacked stone panels are also a great choice for exterior cooking spaces, as the rocky surface complements the many natural textures outdoors.

Specialty Tile

For a real pop in your kitchen's design, specialty shapes and patterns in a backsplash offer stylish personality with practical function. Tiles come in many shapes and sizes including hexagonal, diamond, arabesque, and more organically inspired forms. However funky a specialty tile may be, it will still offer the same protection from heat and water as a more reserved design choice.

Solid Slab Backsplash

A growing trend, and our personal favorite, is to use more of the same material from your countertops and extend it onto the wall as a solid slab backsplash. Super clean with no grout lines, solid stone on a vertical surface is both minimalist in design and luxurious in presence. It is durable, heat resistant, easy to clean, and long lasting.

However you choose to surface your backsplashes to protect them from heat or water, you will be able to do so with style. The classic subway tile, naturally beautiful stacked stone, fashionable specialty tile, or pristine solid stone are all available here at New Stone Age.

Use our "See Our Products in Your Space" feature on this website to virtually see many of these backsplashes in your kitchen and reach out today to view samples in our showroom.

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