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Form and Function: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

A floor that gets regular friction needs a durable surface. While hardwood is beautiful, and may be the right choice for certain spaces, anywhere that gets an abundance of foot traffic, water, cleaning, and contact with pets isn’t going to keep its new look for very long. For the style of hardwood but with much more durability and waterproofing, choose luxury vinyl tile to surface your floors. The care and upkeep is minimal and easy, and with the right brand of LVF, they may never need to be replaced.

In The Foyer

Luxury vinyl flooring is meant for indoor use, but is a great option for those indoor-outdoor transition areas near the exterior doors. Here in the midwest, we have quite a few wet seasons where snow boots, galoshes, and wet bare feet (or muddy paws!) fresh from playing in the sprinklers bring moisture from outdoors into the house. With a luxury vinyl floor just inside the door, there are no worries about those few steps that happen before shoes get kicked off into the shoe tray. An easy wipe up of any puddles and a quick pass with a damp mop and pH neutral cleaner at the end of the day will keep these busy areas looking brand new.

Cyrus Fauna from MSI

In the Bathroom

An appropriate alternative to ceramic tile, LVF can offer consistency in your flooring from hallway to bedroom to bathroom. Although it’s not a good idea to leave any dry material under water for too long, luxury vinyl tile will be ok while you’re splish-splashing in the tub. Be sure to mop up excess water as you would with any other bathroom floor to prevent a slipping hazard.

In the Kitchen

Kitchen floors typically get the most action. Whether it is from people’s tendency to congregate in the kitchen at gatherings, the busy footwork while meals are prepared, or the frequent spills from the younger residents of the home, the kitchen floor gets the most steps, messes, and clean ups. LVF is also anti-slip and doesn’t need to be sealed or waxed, which makes it a safe flooring for busy spaces. Luxury vinyl flooring is up for the task of enduring the happenings in the kitchen with its waterproof, anti-slip, stain and scratch resistant surface.

Cyrus Bembridge from MSI

We Can Help

An affordable, attractive flooring option with excellent performance, luxury vinyl tile is the perfect choice for any interior room. New Stone Age carries a variety of LFV which can be viewed in our showroom. Come on by to check it out!

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