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Form and Function: Luxury Vinyl Flooring Products

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

While hardwood flooring is beautiful, and a fine choice for many households and businesses, it does have its drawbacks. It scratches easily and can get stained by water or other wet substances. It is also pricey. A solution to these problems in durability and affordability while maintaining the look of hardwood is luxury vinyl tile (LVT). New Stone Age is now supplying this product and we want to take this opportunity to share information on how it is made, its performance as a flooring option, and the varieties you have when choosing LVT for your space.

What is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

LVT is made from layers of polyvinyl chloride. It is covered by a layer of printed material that gives the look of hardwood planks which has a protective wear layer and urethane coating over it. There are three types of luxury vinyl tile, the most popular being a rigid core click-together system with a backing already attached. There is also a flexible glue-down LVT that requires an additional underlayment for installation. The third and least popular option is sheet vinyl.

LVT Performance and Installation

Luxury vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof and scratch, slip, and stain resistant. It is the best choice for flooring that can withstand the traffic of kids, pets, business, and moisture. The ultra-realistic printed layer assures a very similar look of hardwood flooring with the unbeatable durability of LVT.


LVT is easy to install yourself, or can be a one day project for a contractor you hire--we can set you up with some help with this should you need it. Luxury vinyl does not require acclimation time, which means you can install it as soon as you get it! Typically, LVT is installed parallel to the longest wall in the room. The tiles are best cut with a floor cutter, but can also be scored and snapped to the right size (remember to measure twice, cut once!). Be sure to leave a 1/4" gap between the walls and in between the tiles to allow for expansion of the product and ease in replacement of individual tiles.

Style Options

There are nearly endless options to what style the printed layer can be with LVT. From natural warm wood tones, stylish neutral grays, or unique stain effects, you will definitely find the look you want.

Truly your one-stop-shop, you can view samples of LVT in our showroom while you choose your stone countertops and browse backsplash options. Stop in to design your whole space today!

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