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Glammed Up Ghosts

Is the place you are doomed to spend your afterlife in shambles? Peeling paint, creaking floors, moldy wood and plaster just falling apart? It is so hard to do the hands-on maintenance these materials require when you don't have physical hands. Just because you're dead doesn't mean your unliving space has to be! Luckily, there are surfaces that last much longer, and don't weather quite as easily as wood, paint, and plaster. Choose natural stone, and glam that ghoulish haunt right up!

Meet Liza and THE FACE

By Alexa on Pixabay

These ladies have worn this hallway down over the last several decades doing their nightly roam. It sure is dark and dreary there, and as you can see, THE FACE is just screaming for new tile floors. Let's see what happens if we jazz them up with a funky geometric tile. Warm tones, retro vibe, and some metallic pieces to add some glitz for these gals.

Serious mood booster, right? Liza would be smiling if she had a face and I really think THE FACE looks a little happier. Freshen up those walls and the ceiling and these ladies will be dancing down the hallway!

This is Tom

By Peter H on Pixabay

Tom has this tiny attic room to shuffle and bang around in. It's in pretty good shape but OH it is drab! Let's liven things up for this dead dude by adding a pop of color along the wall with some tiles. You ready for this, Tom?

We love the blue-green hexagon tiles for this room. It almost makes it cheerful. Well, for Tom, anyway. Whomever he plans to creep on from that bathroom will still be spooked seeing him in the mirror--that is, if they can stop staring at this gorgeous tile feature wall!

Shadow Fam and Big Hands

By Mystic Art Designs on Pixabay

Ok, we couldn't get these guys' actual names--not big talkers, so Shadow Fam and Big Hands it is! The big creaky wooden plank flooring just isn't doing this grand sitting room justice. With this nice chandelier, stunning paneled walls, and large fireplace, the floors need to be something much classier. Wouldn't you agree, Shadow Fam? ... ... ...

This lighter colored stone flooring really elevates this space. We would love to see the walls stripped, stained mahogany, and sealed nice and glossy. Clean up the brick, put a mirror over the fireplace, replace that chair with an overstuffed wingback and roll out a fabulous rug. Still plenty of space for a late night spooky shadow show for these fellas!

Hallway Girl

By Peter H on Pixabay

This could be such a lovely space to haunt for our lovely Hallway Girl. Some luxury vinyl flooring and a fun painted tile would give it such character and durability. Luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof, so when these windows let the rain in, the floor can handle it!

A pressed tin or copper would be a great option for the ceiling. The painted tile here offers some whimsy and class at the same time. A light gray flooring goes well with this tile, and together, this is one stylish and long lasting hallway for this lady.

Changing the surfaces in your space to something that won't peel or disintegrate is SO important when you're dead and unable to care for things. These durable surfaces will withstand long nights of noisy haunting so you can scare the pants off of the living for generations to come.

If you happen to not be a ghost reading this and are wondering how to upgrade your surfaces to stone, we will be happy to take your call at (440) 327-3077, or you can stop by our shop at 34555 Mills Rd, North Ridgeville, OH M-F 8am-4:30pm, after hours and Saturdays by appointment.

If you're one of the deceased reading this...don't call us, we'll call you.

By Holly Ward on Unsplash

*Surfaces changed virtually by using our See Our Products in Your Space tool on this website.*

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