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Holiday Special: IceStone as a Sustainable Option for Excellent Surfaces

Happy Earth Day from New Stone Age! We want to celebrate this very important holiday by featuring a product that hails as the most sustainable, eco-friendly countertop surface in the world. IceStone, based in Brooklyn, New York, creates their surfaces from 100% recycled glass and toxin-free materials. These surfaces have been extremely durable since their inception in 2003, and recently have become even more resistant to UV rays, heat, and stains through a new method of manufacturing and shipping. Beyond the planet-friendly makeup of IceStone surfaces and continuous innovation to create an excellent product, the company itself is owned by its employees and is involved in various charitable events and programs. New Stone Age is proud to be the only official fabricator of IceStone in the Cleveland area.

The Look Up Close

IceStone is a mix of recycled glass and cement, which creates unique patterns of neutral or colorful glass on light or colored backgrounds. The surface is polished smooth and stain-resistant and is treated against UV rays in the shop. The luminous glass within the opaque cement gives a striking three dimensional quality to the product.

The Look as Part of the Room

IceStone can be used inside or outside your home or business with insurmountable style and performance. It can brighten up a bathroom oasis, provide classy luxury to a kitchen design, or pop an exciting element of color into the heart of a room.

A Little More About the Company

The idea behind IceStone products was to find a way to use up waste glass that was littering the planet. Utilizing responsible practices in all aspects of creating these products is a key concept of the company. Since 2003, IceStone has diverted over 17 million pounds of glass from landfills and turned them into their beautiful and useful surfaces.

IceStone is a certified (and founding) B-corporation, meaning that they function at the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. Their goal is to achieve a balance between profit and purpose, and to promote a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They aim to redefine what it means to be successful in business.

Also kind to Mother Earth in their production, IceStone is housed in a converted historic building in Brooklyn, New York. They use daylight as a main form of lighting through skylights and use a water recycling system and steam powered kilns. They currently recycle 90% of their waste with the goal of eventually becoming a zero waste company. They are certainly on their way!

Doing Business with New Stone Age

It is important to us as New Stone Age to be able to offer our conscientious customers sustainable products from responsibly-run companies. As the only fabricator of IceStone in the Cleveland area, we feel honored to meet those preferences. Show some love to your Mother Earth and call us to ask about IceStone today!

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