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Tips and Pointers: Care and Cleaning of Stone Countertops

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When you choose a stone countertop for your home, you are choosing a surface that will last as long as you will live there. With easy and regular care, your stone countertops will be sure to keep their shine and durability. Although stone is stain-resistant, on the occasion your countertop does stain, you can treat it with easy-to-find products at home.

Everyday Care

Stone is heat, stain, and scratch resistant, but not heat, stain, and scratch proof. The longevity of your stone countertops can be best preserved by the use of trivets, cutting boards, coasters, and by avoiding too much contact with acidic things like citrus or vinegar. It isn’t advised to use acidic cleaners that contain these ingredients on a regular basis, so we recommend making a mild cleanser from dish soap, isopropyl alcohol, and water. Add these things to a spray bottle and wipe the surface with a soft cloth to do your daily cleaning. For very stuck-on substances, carefully scrape with a straight razor held nearly flat to the surface. A small amount of cooking spray and a dry cloth after cleaning will keep your countertops very polished and protected.

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Long Term Care

Most stone countertops will need to be sealed about once a year. To determine how often to seal your stone countertop, you can test with some water. If the stone immediately soaks in the water, it needs to be sealed every 3-6 months. If it takes several minutes, one seal every year or two will suffice. The appropriate sealer for your stone can be found at many hardware stores and is relatively easy to do yourself.


Calistone Countertops

It is possible for natural stone to stain, but it is quick to recover using ingredients you may have at home. For brown stains, usually from food and drink, use 12% hydrogen peroxide and a soft cloth. For oil stains, which usually look like a darker area of stone, you will need to make a poultice from baking soda and water. Mix the two to a consistency of peanut butter and plaster it over the stain. Cover that with some plastic wrap with a few holes poked in it, seal the edges with masking tape, and leave for 24 hours. Wipe it clean with water or your daily gentle cleanser. For hard water rings, buff the area using some 0000 steel wool, which can be found at the hardware store.

Caring for stone countertops is easy because they are so durable. With regular use of gentle cleansers, proper sealing, and avoiding frequent contact with acidic substances, your stone countertops may always look brand new. Give us a call at (440) 327-3077 or message us here or on Facebook Messenger for any further questions about how to care for your stone countertops. We are happy to help!

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