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New Stone Age fabricates and installs high quality, custom-made kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, tables, fireplace surrounds, and more. At New Stone Age, we work hard to earn your business by offering a wide range of products designed to meet your needs for quality, durability and budget.

Natural Stone is beautifully unique, forming from the earth’s surface and providing us with textures and patterns that are specific to the slab you choose. Slab stone is a natural product of nature and may vary in coloration, shading, and marking. Uniqueness is an inherent characteristic in natural stone. No two pieces are exactly alike.

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Granite is a highly durable, quality stone which is why it is so often used in homes, buildings and in exterior projects. Granites typically exhibit small flecks or grains of minerals uniformly distributed throughout stone. Some "exotic granites" will have veining patterns similar to marbles.



Similar to granite, marble, onyx, sandstone, limestone, travertine, slate, soapstone and quartzite provide a high quality, strong natural stone fit for longevity.

Marbles are traditionally prized for their aesthetic appeal. Some are accentuated by pronounced veining trends and bold colors. Often included in the marble family are serpentines and onyxes. 

Sandstones vary widely in color due to different minerals and clays found in the stone. Sandstone is typically light grey to yellow or red. Bluestone and brownstone are well known varieties of this quartz-based stone group. 

Limestone and travertines are widely used buildings stones with colors typically light grey, tan, or buff. A distinguishing characteristic of many limestones is the presence of fossils that are frequently visible in the stone surface. 

Slate is dark green, black, gray, dark red or multi-colored. It is the most commonly used as a flooring material and for roof tiles and is often distinguished by its distinct cleft texture. 

Soapstone may come in a wide range of colors and generally feels smooth to the touch. Due to its high resistance to chemicals and because of its ability to absorb and distribute heat, it is an ideal material for countertops and surrounds for fireplaces and wood stoves. 

Quartzites are generally harder and denser than granites with patterns that can resemble veining found in many marbles. Quartzite is a naturally occurring stone that is highly resistant to chemicals and scratches. Quartzite should not be confused with manufactured quartz-based materials. 



Engineered stone, such as quartz, is made up of composite materials and has similar durability to natural stone. If you are looking for a more consistent pattern, engineered stone will be the best choice for you. Engineered stone is less susceptible to cracks and fractures and is scratch resistant. The use of trivets and cutting boards is recommended on this material.

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