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Design Guide: Using Stone in Outdoor Cooking and Dining Spaces

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We can't tell you exactly why, but food just tastes better outside. It is probably for the same reason that parties are more fun, music sounds better, flowers are more fragrant, your laugh is filled with more joy in the sunshine and a walk with your person is more romantic in the moonlight. Whatever this is--science or magic, or a little bit of both, you can make room for all of it in a well-designed outdoor space. There are countless ways to build your backyard oasis based on what you love to do best out there, and natural stone is the perfect material to withstand weather and use while providing a welcoming and beautiful composition.


For the cooking enthusiast, a full blown outdoor kitchen is a dream come true. A grill, smoker, wood-burning oven, modern appliances, and sinks can come together within a sturdy stone countertop to create the ultimate kitchen right in your back yard. Imagine being able to socialize with your dinner guests outside while you wow them with your culinary expertise! With a union of stylish and practical outdoor appliances and natural stone, your "kitchen away from your kitchen" is entirely possible.

Pull Up a Stool

If your outdoor space is more about the brews, cocktails, appetizers, and socializing, a stone-top bar with stools is a terrific feature to a night entertaining on the patio. A two-tier bar has a lower level for the prepping and mixing and an upper level as the perfect place for your guests to set their beverage down and talk with whoever is tending bar and each other. You can also go all-out with a 3 or 4 sided bar with one or two tiers and stools all around for a large beer garden atmosphere. Or, keep it simple with a one-level bar that L-shapes into the grilling space fit for a smaller--but not lesser--charming venue.

The Basics

You can make a simple upgrade to your current back yard set up with adding stone counter space to an outdoor cooking station. A durable, easy-to-clean, heat, water, and cold resistant surface right at the edge of your grill or smoker will make outdoor cooking a much easier, cleaner, and more enjoyable task.

Stone is also a stylish topper for your patio furniture. A custom built cafe or dining table by New Stone Age will give your outdoor fittings a more permanent and sophisticated presence.

Get Creative

The possibilities in customizing your outdoor space with stone are endless. Bring your best ideas to us and we can work together to make your al fresco entertainment fantasies come to life. Choosing natural stone for your patio kitchen, bar, grill station, and gathering spaces will guarantee you a fashionable and nearly forever-lasting place to make memories under the sunny or moonlit sky.

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