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Design Guide: What’s Trending Now

Photo by Jude Infantini on Unsplash

As you plan your summer remodels and upgrades to your home and business, look ahead to what is trending in the interior design world. These tips on the current fashion in color, texture, shape, and materials will help you make a space that is modern and relevant. We referred to the top fashion and design publications to see what the pros say about what is “in” and what is on its way “out” of style.


Color is back! Lighter neutrals fade out as people opt to add bold color to their spaces. The hot palette is earth tones: chocolate brown, rosy terracotta, toasty caramel, deep cognac. These cozy and romantic hues create warmth in a room, and welcome the dweller to stay a while.

Surfaces and Objects Inspired by Nature

Good news for us, materials like marble and stone are trending for surfaces. In theme with the earth tone color palette, earth materials are sought after to be used for countertops, floors, backsplashes, and furniture surfaces. Subtle texture is out, as current design opts for dramatic veining and movement in stone surfaces.


Angular no more—curves and more sculptural shapes are in. Rounded corners and ornate edges make a comeback as people aim to create safe and comfortable indoor spaces.

Sophisticated Outdoor Spaces

People have entertained more outdoors in the last two years, and have grown to prefer a backyard party. Patio furniture and cooking spaces are gaining more embellishment and permanence. An outdoor kitchen made of stone fits well into this trend.

by Todd Pharistx on Pixabay

Sustainable Materials

Earth-consciousness matters in design right now. Sustainable materials like IceStone give a space a story of recycled materials, reducing a footprint, and using an American company. New Stone Age is uniquely qualified to fabricate with IceStone in the Cleveland area.

More is More

Stark minimalism is losing its appeal as people opt for more patterns and colors in their design. Floral wallpapers and decorative tile backsplashes help achieve quirky glamor and a more bohemian look.

Interior design trends are changing, offering a great opportunity to update certain elements in your home or business. There are many possibilities of adding warm tones, curved shapes, tactile textures, and nature elements into your space with stone. How are you getting on trend with natural stone today? Give us a call!

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