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Holiday Special: A Dark and Stormy Stone

In this season of the spooky and mysterious, we want to shed some light on using darker toned stones in the design of your space. Deep blacks and grays can be used to contrast light colored floors and cabinetry, or to match darker pieces for a romantic and dreamy environment. While some dark stones will hold a delicate sparkle of reflective pattern, others present as solid, unmovable monoliths. With the diversity of texture in black and gray stones, one might say: there’s something out there…in the dark…

With White Cabinets

Black and white kitchens are striking and modern, with the brightness of the white cabinets bouncing light around the room and the black countertops cleanly dividing the space. They offer a minimalist base design that will easily match any decorations used to suit a special season or gathering.

With Dark Cabinets

It’s a bold move to go all black in a kitchen or bathroom, but done right, it is ultra-contemporary and fashionable. The white and gray veining in a black stone will be enhanced by the solid black cabinets surrounding it, and some downlighting from under the cabinets will bring a cool gallery energy to the space.

Below are examples of the diverse array of shadowy stones we currently have to offer.

Agatha Black Granite

MSI Surfaces

Deep black and dynamically lined with gray and white veins, Agatha Black Granite coincidentally shares the name of a mystery author. Its medium variation offers striking liveliness when used as a full slab countertop or wall cladding.

Black Galaxy Granite

Otherworldly in beauty, this black stone contains rather uniform layers of reflective pieces. Its mystifying depth and white and gold sparkle look very much like the night sky. It is available in tile or slab form.

Marquina Midnight Quartz

MSI Surfaces

Nearly solid black with striking lightening bolt style veins of bright white, this quartz is a daring and conspicuous choice for a space.

Midnight Corvo Quartz

MSI Surfaces

Subtle, misty veining delicately whirl through this black stone. Though its appearance may be wispy and effervescent, it is remarkably durable.

Cirrus Gray Quartzite

Moody in tone and texture, this dark gray stone contains stormy charcoal swirls and ink black ribbons. Being more charcoal than black, it offers a softer contrast with a white or black surround.

Absolute Black Granite

Almost completely solid black and polished super smooth, this stone is a pristine abyss. It would look striking in contrast with white cabinets, or could serve as the darkest piece in a more saturated environment.

Caring for Your Dark Stone

Black and gray stones perform best when sealed and cleaned with hot water and a microfiber cloth. It is best to avoid acidic cleaners or prolonged contact with kitchen acids to keep these inky surfaces as dark as night.

Whether you want your stone surfaces to have movement with spirited veining or present a static shimmer with suspended, reflective layers, black and gray stones have much to offer. A bold choice for a light-colored kitchen, a black countertop or wall will appeal by its contrast. In a space with darker cabinetry or flooring, the black stone complements the more contemporary look. We are here to help you find the dark and stormy stone to complete your space today.

Max Vakhtbovych (edited by us)

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